We're continually improving our software to ensure it remains the most comprehensive case management package available. Click on a title to find out more information about recent updates.

With GDPR compliance being such an important element of your mediation services, we’ve developed a new feature to speed up the process.¬†Once a month this checks for the cases that have reached their expiry date, and creates a removal list. You can then review this list over a 7 day period to ensure that none of the cases have incorrect expiry dates, before they are automatically deleted from the system. This saves you time and keeps you GDPR compliant.

Keeping in touch with your clients is so important. Many of the mediation services using Progress Mediation have found that sending SMS is key to keeping their clients engaged. We’ve now extended the SMS features to provide scheduling of text messages to clients at a specific day and time. This can act as a reminder to attend a meeting or provided necessary information, without having to spend previous time making telephone calls.

With electronic communications become more essential than ever during the lockdown, we have now provided the means of updating the email signature which is automatically added to every email sent from progress mediation. The template editor is the same used for editing the letter and email templates without support for fieldcodes to be added.

We’ve added a number of new reports including MIAM Conversion, closed by location, intakes per location, client no shows, date of proof between dates (for legal aid) and missed appointments between dates.

New multi-disbursement functionality has been released for beta testing, which will enable mediators to enter multi-disbursements, linked to specific intake and mediations to assist with legal aid claims.

Updates for the Word generated reports for Work in progress for MIAM and Mediation cases.

Adding new fieldcodes for client and partner next appointment in 14 days. These can be used in letter / email templates to define the next appointments.

Update for invoice_description fieldcode to include search and replace for pound sign

Next client intake and mediation appointment fieldcodes added which can be used within letter / email templates

We’ve implemented archiving for the Doc U Store (our integrated version similar to DropBox) across our entire product range, to enable the unwanted items. Doc U Store are made available for non-case specific documents, as attachments to emails sent from Progress. To provide a full audit trail, these items cannot be removed but instead can be archived from the current selection when no longer relevant.

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